3 Signs You Should Fix Your Brakes

3 Signs You Should Fix Your Brakes

Ask for brake repair advice from the Burton, MI experts

Do you think something might be wrong with your brakes? Read these three warning signs from the auto experts at A & M Transmission:

1 Your brake lights are on. This means you’re running low on brake fluid, which could be due to a leak in your brake lines.

2 It’s hard to press down on your brakes. This could be because you have low brake fluid or there is air in your brake lines.

3 Your car vibrates when you hit the brakes.

This could mean your rotors need to be replaced. If any of these things happen to your car, take it to the expert mechanics at A & M Transmission. We can work on any make and model of car. Call 810-743-1240 to speak with an auto mechanic in Burton, MI.

Bring your car to an auto shop you can trust

At A & M Transmission, we’ll never try to upsell or scam you. It’s not in either of our best interests to sell you repairs you don’t need. When you bring your car by our auto shop, we’ll give an honest appraisal to determine what types of repairs or replacements make the most sense for you. Then, once we agree, we’ll get to work, so you can drive off in a car that feels brand new in no time. Contact A & M Transmission to schedule an appointment today.